Descend if you want to ascend higher

People are at different levels of consciousness, depth and capacity of receiving.While some are still learning the alphabet of the quantum field, others are bringing from 5D and building in 3D: Sanctuaries of Ascension, 5D Communities, 5D Healing Centers, Quantum Technology and 5D Schools.Many Lightworkers spent too much time in “Harry Potter land” thinking they will only experience 5D consciousness if they connect with this dimension outside of their physical body, from their upper chakras.If you want to experience the NEW EARTH, STAY in the BODY.What does it mean to BE IN THE BODY?It means you don’t run, dissociate, project, repress, suppress who you truly are but heal, integrate, merge and connect to the higher realms from the Central Chamber of your Heart.You bring AWARENESS and 5D CONSCIOUSNESS at cellular level until you can scan and see yourself at atomic level.The messages I received from the Arcturian Council of Light and Sirius Council of Light are very clear:” Lightworkers need to DESCEND IN THE BODY. They spent too much time, preparing in the higher realms forgetting they already done all these trainings. Its time to AWAKEN once again in THE BODY. DESCEND if you want to ASCEND higher”.DESCENSION is a stage in the evolution of consciousness of the human race, no Ascension or 5D Mentor is speaking or teaching about.Its the process of merging Consciousness with the Human Body at all levels, layers and dimensions on your multidimensionality.Its the process of integrating AVATAR BODIES into one and merging with yourself at levels you can’t even imagine.If you are ready to DESCEND and take your seat back into the EARTH GROUND CREW of Ascended Masters bringing Heaven on Earth.If you are here to GROUND in physicality, New Earth projects and co-create with Advanced civilizations of Light.If you already started your entrepreneurial journey but you are ready to take it to the NEXT LEVELI invite you to :WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS- A NEW EARTH MASTERMIND FOR 5D ENTREPRENEURSWealth Consciousness is designed to connect Multidimensional Visionaries and Entrepreneurs with their higher consciousness, business, mission, impact, and wealth blueprint.It is a 5D business program for the awakened spiritual entrepreneur who is activated in their soul mission and has embodied their soul purpose to be of Divine service to the New Earth and all its inhabitants.It is for the devoted, committed, determined, conscious, and courageous beings that have already started their entrepreneurial journey and are ready for the next level of embodiment and limitless co-creation with the New Earth frequencies.For the ones that have been through the pains, trials, and tribulations of their healing journey. And who have now gracefully embodied wisdom, maturity, and a surrendered understanding that a shift towards a higher consciousness implies a dissolution of old identities, subconscious programming, and limiting beliefs.It is for the ones ready to expand within and without, fully merge their divinity with service, and anchor in the New Earth through their business empires of light for humanity.Submit your application and book a call with mw directly at the link below: forward to co-creating with you!Many Blessings,Livia Devi  

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