Being rich will not make you wealthy

Most people are confusing these two words thinking they are synonyms but they are not.Being RICH is having a high income from a high-paying job or a business, living in an amazing house, driving a luxurious car, wearing brand clothing, taking expensive holidays but the expenses might sometimes equal the revenue.There is a trend on social media, when someone hits 1m$ or 10m$ to go to Maldives, drive a Lamborghini in Dubai, hire a private jet, drink coffee toped with 24K gold at Burj Al Arab, joining high ticket membership clubs and playing golf.This is when you know someone is freshly rich, didn’t have access to money before, trying to fit in the ” rich club standard” without even knowing this is just a small step on the wealth scale.For rich people everything comes with a “high ticket” creating a standard for themselves they need to keep up too, making them spending a lot and depend on money.This is why so many rich people are stressed, overworking and struggling with mental health because they entered the ” 3D rich world” that sucks the life force out of them while on the golden running treadmill.Being WEALTHY means you have money but you choose to do something else with them and that is investing in assets, real estate, multiple businesses and creating a high worth net and LEGACY.Wealthy people are courageous and taking risks making long term profitable investments while rich people will always look to get rich fast because they spend fast.Being wealthy, doesn’t start with a huge wallet full of cash but with the right MINDSET.This is why wealthy people invest in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT because they know once they got their beliefs right, they are an unstoppable force of creating long lasting wealth for themselves and others.If this resonates with you, I invite you to:WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS- A New Earth Mastermind for 5D EntrepreneursIf you are here for the long run and wanting to create a legacy will last for generations.If you are Business owner, entrepreneur, or visionary looking to elevate towards a 5D mission service and create more ImpactIf you are a New Earth missioned entrepreneur feeling called to establish the 5D infrastructure (5D Schools, 5D Communities, Temples of Light, Sanctuaries of Ascension, 5D Medical hubs) needed to anchor in the multidimensionality of the New Earth.If you are a Creative 5D innovator desiring to design and manufacture quantum technology and share them with the world.If you are a Lightworker, solopreneurs, or entrepreneur devoted to your Divine Service, and wanting to access abundance and wealth consciousness that will allow your 5D business and mission to expand, scale, and grow exponentiallyIf you are a multiple 5 or 6 figure entrepreneur wanting to scale and stabilize in 6 and 7 figures.I invite you to APPLY to Wealth Consciousness Program at the link below and build a New World together. Blessings,Livia Devi 

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