Let’s talk 5D business

Last year, I decided to remove payment plans from my business completely and work only with people valuing to invest in their transformation.Initially I thought if I quality people to access my teachings, I am doing a service but actually I did them a disservice and I will explain why:When you hold advanced 5D teachings, codes, technologies, frequencies and someone is entering the grid of your program in a scarcity 3D mindset, will not be able to fully synchronize with the quantum shifts available for them.I witnessed massive transformations in the ones that paid the program fee at the beginning and slower shifts for the ones on payment plans.Also the payment plan is a 3D system, that looks supportive at the first glance but its not because its part of the slavery financial matrix that links and control your life and plugs in your nervous system.While my mission on this planet, will continue to support people at all levels of consciousness and all budget levels by offering:- Free Transmissions & Activations- Free Content and Videos on all my social media platforms-Live Workshops & Events in the US- Digital Products on the Library of Light- Mini- Trainings when I am guided to create- Wealth & Leadership Masterminds- VIP 1:1Private MentoringI choose to directly work with entrepreneurs, conscious creators and leaders that not only understand & value what I am offering but are ready to embody these teachings and make a massive impact on their networks, communities and globally.Many Blessings,Livia Devi @daniel.sun___ 

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