How to align to your new earth mission

At the beginning when people are awakening & leaving the structures of the 3D worlds, they are learning all spiritual & healing modalities that are in resonance with their consciousness at that moment in time.How many of you are yoga teachers, kinesiologists, reiki healers, channelers, human design facilitators, readers, seers and stare seeds?Everyone is taking the same journey of exploring multiple healing & ascension paths trying to find their soul purpose.But having a purpose doesn’t mean you are activated in your New Earth Mission.And I will explain you why:A New Earth Mission is activated after years and decades of healing, re-writing and re-programing at the cellular level.A New Earth Mission is activated when you embody your Higher Consciousness and accessing your Soul Blueprint and Soul Signature.A New Earth Mission is activated as result of a direct and conscious co-creation with advanced civilization of light, Galactic Federation and Star Nations guiding your alignment.And it comes in Divine Timing, when you are ready to step into an accelerated path of evolution, ascension and expansion.There are many activated on their purpose and a few on their New Earth Missions.Because having a New Earth Mission means all your body systems are fully integrated to navigate quantum time-space continuums with no achor in any reality, shifting through all dimensions in nanoseconds while your human mind is still sane to interpret the data in a linear way.Because being on a New Earth Mission, brings a level of innovation, advancement and pioneering that doesn’t exist on Earth in any knowing form.There are many teachers out there, pretending to activate humans in their New Earth Missions but what they really do is give & activate purposes.When the teacher and the student doesn’t know the difference or are not connected enough to feel & understand the alignment, there is an inaccuracy that creates the illusion of a far greater assignment.Its time for PRECISION and AUTHENTICITY.Its time for INTEGRITY and EMBODIMENT.It time for ALIGNMENT to NEW EARTH MISSIONS.In these 3 days Portal marked by the Equinox, New Moon and planetary changes, I invite everyone to quantum shift in alignment to their Divinity and deeply listen to their Higher Consciousness.Many Blessings,Livia Devi 

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