The reset button

Since March 20th 2023 Equinox, the collective consciousness of Earth is going through a massive upgrade and transformation.Today, March 23rd is a powerful manifestation portal allowing us to consciously choose the future timelines & experiences we want to live this year.I’ve never seen so much change, in such short time spam as this month, but we all knew the New Year starts not on January 1st but March 1st 2023.The old frameworks and templates of existence, relating and living are collapsing as the new energy doesn’t allow any compromise/negotiation/delay.We are choosing again, what dimension we want to reside, what collectives we want to interact with, what soul contracts we prefer to experience, what level of co-creation we are ready to invite in our realities.The global reset is dissolving the 3D realms, upgrading them to 4D consciousness.Change is the word of the day, as in the past 3 days no collective reality was able to stabilize.March 29th 2023 is the first day of stabilization after the planetary alignment on March 28th 2023This morning the Arcturian Council of Light advised me to Celebrate  I have a lot of reasons & excitements to celebrate but I also see how some old ways of being & doing are leaving my reality.Everything is happening extremely fast and how you can keep up with the acceleration is to surrender and trust all particles of your consciousness is re-building and re-aligning your reality with your highest purpose & excitement.I advise you all to activate every day until the end of the month, your Column of Ascension.If you don’t have the Column of Ascension Meditation, comment below with ” RESET” and I will send it to you.Many Blessings,Livia Devi @jadasun.loveT-shirt by Click linktree bio to purchase it with a free gift 

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