A King knows what he wants and he is not afraid to get it.

He is not a Knight, waiting to compete with others for the King's seat or contemplating if he wants to lead or not.

He is definitely not a Page, a man-boy prioritizing fun, non-committed relationships or others' illusions of freedom.

A King stands still as a pillar and he doesn't bend himself in front of others.

His inner strength, resilience, and power came from hardships and he remembers the journey he's been through to deeply know himself and embody the King's energy.

He is not a seeker of paths & truths anymore, as he arrived at his destination- the Seat of his Soul.

He is the Father, the Protector, providing for his woman and children.

A Queen is not meant to lead at the forefront, as this is King's role. Her manifestation power is bringing the energies from the higher dimensions into the 3D, while the King is building empires in physicality.

Because the masculinity of this planet is still evolving, many women took both roles to move things forward in 3D and held nurturing grids for men healing and mending.

But now is the time for the masculine to RISE.

Now is the time for King energy EMBODIMENT.

We need strong men to build a NEW EARTH.

And it's not physical strength that is needed, but emotional, mental, adaptability to change, resilience, clarity, precision, direction, focus, devotion, commitment, responsibility, ownership, directness...etc.

Receive Effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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