Dropping Into Stillness

The past 4 months have been very busy for me: launching programs, running my show at Conscious Vitality, creating magic with Mindvalley, growing my Empire of Light, moving to Honolulu and working behind the scenes to a very exiting project that I am anchoring in Hawaii..more will be revealed soon ????.

I took a big leap of faith and moved to Hawaii, without knowing anyone, but Spirit brought on my path the right people.

​Now, I am seeing my life blossoming with beautiful sisters, amazing friends and the right business connections and partnerships.

In the midst of all this excitement, I have days when I need to shift gears and drop into stillness.

 When I connect to the gentleness of my womb and the beauty of my heart.

When I can only dance and move my body the way it wants to express itself surrendered to the sacredness of the moment.

When I can only breath in my sacral chakra and be grace, sensuality and a piece of God created art.

 Catching the eyes of the ones seeing and feeling the deeper layers of my Being.

Breathing in appreciationUnspoken desires

 Sensuality and Connection.

Receive Effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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