Mindvalley Collaboration

Beautiful Ones,

I am very excited ???? to continue my collaboration with Mindvalley after Soulvana project and offer to the collective of this planet, guided meditations and immersions will help the journeys of so many awakened Souls looking for support and guidance. 

You can access for FREE these meditations on Mindvalley App and receive codes of awakening your Heart Consciousness and unconditional divine love will support your ascension path.

I am grateful, I can code and grid the 3D realms in this way and my frequency will be received by so many people just awakening reminding everyone they are not alone and there are many paths available towards the 4D bridge of consciousness.

I am guided to create even more meditations for Mindvalley.

Very soon I will record meditations on Abundance and how to co-create with the Laws of the Universe.

Enjoy these free resources andReceive Effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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