Life Is Not A Performance

I am not like other 5D mentors and Spiritual Teachers, because I am fully myself.Being in the full expression of my human-divine nature is equally inspiring and triggering for the ones still caged in the prison of identities.I know mentors teaching their students how to perform, sell, play roles, wear masks and take identities to attract and build their businesses.Did you ever ask yourself how liberating might feel to be fully yourself and serve from your raw and authentic expression?Especially with mission-driven souls that opened their channel to higher consciousness, taking Starseed/galactic identities competing with one another who is channeling more Councils or being the coolest galactic geek.Did you ever try to find out who is that person behind the Starseed identity and create a deeper connection with him or her?There is a need for spiritual sobriety, realness, authenticity, integrity, rawness, vulnerability, openness, and deep inquiring for the ones that truly care about what is happening with planet Earth and the billions of people living here.You can choose to stay in the kindergarten, Disney land, and illusions bypassing existence or you can choose to wake up and serve yourself and others with the utmost love, care, and integrity by stripping out all those layers, roles, and identities and serving from your ESSENCE.Take the journeyDiscover who you areAnd one day you will not perform anymoreBecause being yourself is enoughAnd this is what the world truly needs.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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