Quantum Leadership – A New Earth Paradigm For The Missioned Souls

When I created, the Quantum Leadership program after years of activating entrepreneurs, business owners, and conscious creators in their Soul Missions I realized there is a need for a new model of leadership within 3D-5D streams of consciousness.Witnessing 20+ years of entrepreneurs that built empires of light not ready to take a global leadership role, made me realize there is a missing link in the spiritual business environment, the one that is integrating the 5D business with the 3D human body, character, personality, conscious- subconscious and multidimensional expression.It’s not enough to elevate the frequency of your business from 3D to 5D and limit your divine service to one dimension of existence(merely 4D) when your mission on this planet as a lightworker and ambassador of different Star Nations must serve at a multidimensional level into a very embodied and grounded way.Quantum Leadership answered the call for:1. Integrating advanced quantum systems( 7D-12D) with the human body and consciousness, allowing the leaders to have embodied experiences of their multidimensional soul mission on Earth.2. Exploring the relationship with their subconscious/conscious and superconscious and rebirthing from inside out, not in a linear way anymore from an old to a new version of self, but connecting to all new versions of self though the light grid of source and advanced quantum technologies.3. Embodying 5D-12D abundance codexes of light and expanding the grid of their missions globally to serve humanity to all levels, layers, and dimensions.4. The integration of wealth and wellbeing is allowing the quantum leaders to impact collective realities and anchor New Earth projects around the world, bringing more souls on the 4D bridge and closer to 5D realities.5. Re-framing sustainability and integrative solutions that anchors systems on the 5D New Earth infrastructure, architecting the new in full synergy with Gaia consciousness and other versions of our planet from the higher dimensions.6. Anchoring the first human 5D Council on Earth in a cell of 11 beautiful and powerful Souls ready for a big journey of embodiment, purpose, and living their missions.7. Co-creating with the Arcturian Council of Light, Sirius 12D Council, Galactic Federation, and Star Nations and receiving advanced leadership, abundance, and 5D codexes of light will impact the evolution of the human race.8. Becoming the embodiment of all teachings, codexes, and technologies and living a magical life on Earth of abundance, freedom, impact, and unconditional love.If you are interested to learn and knowing more and if you feel deeply called by the frequency of this program, our Council is calling in 3( three) more Souls to take this journey with us.You can submit your application and book your interview at the link below:https://liviadevi.com/quantum-leadership/The time is Now!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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