Arcturian Soul

When Sirius Council connected me with my Arcturian family, I heard them saying:”Thank you for finding her. We were looking for her for a long time.”And then the explanation came:”We placed high levels of protection on you with the risk to never find you and you to never wake up from the 3D Earth matrix, as the only way to not be intercepted and found”.At that moment, steams of tears flow down my face, as I remembered who I am, why am I here, and what my mission is.It was overwhelming to see how I made the jump with other 745,000 Arcturian Souls remembering part of my mission is to activate and connect them to an inter-dimensional grid, that is helping not only the human race but other Star Nations and evolving civilizations.The risk, I took to not reunite with my Star family and be trapped in a long galactic sleep of the 3rd density, gives me chills.But the Arcturian Council trusted my Soul, as I took many challenging missions in the galactic history on multiple planets and incarnations.I am sharing this with you, as we are celebrating life and cosmic birth portals on Earth to include our Star families and our Creators/ Creator/ Creatix through all timelines and dimensions.I feel equally close to my earth family as to my star family, both have an important place in my heart in this incarnation and beyond.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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