Everyone is born in 3D and humans only know how to navigate one dimension.

Everything you are experiencing as real is a projection created by your subconscious mind, from all components you have been exposed too.
Your mind can't create something it can't define, quantify, measure, evaluate.

But there is another way of creating reality.

A way that doesn't involve the mind.

A different, unsual way that requires a high atunement to the frequency of everything that is matter and non- matter.

A deep observation of reality not through your physical senses, but through the field of conciousness all around you.

This is when you are able to see, how a reality is formed and timelines born.
This is how you are able to choose your experience, already created for you, by past-future versions of Self.

Connecting, being and living quantum consciousness requires a new set of tools to navigate higher dimensions of existence that have no reference point in your physical reality.

Those tools exists in your DNA strings, light bodies, greater energy field, geometric patterns, mathematical sequences of your multidimensional expression.

If you are ready to reach the next level of your evolution, ascension, expansion and connect to your quantum consciousness, take a moment in this New Moon portal to observe your reality through the vantage point of your non-physicality.

By doing so, you are skipping the steps of creating and manifesting and directly choosing a time-space continuum of your preference.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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