Building An Empire Of Light From Deep Feminine Power

I used to have a corporate managerial position for 15 years, leading from my masculine energy and being completely disconnected from my body and feminine power.Wearing shirts and pants, belts and heels negotiate m$ contracts, achieve targets, and intimidate my male colleagues competing with me.One day, I looked in the mirror at my beauty, grace, and sensuality seeing my inner feminine screaming to release her from self-imprisonment and suppression.Not long after, my awakening happened through an intense episode that lasted 6 months when I was rebirthed into a new person.When my feminine was freed, I discovered new layers of softness, grace, sensuality, expression, and embodiment.Vulnerability, openness, flow, and receiving effortlessly became my new superpowers.The more I surrendered to receive, the more the Universe start giving me.I slowly start building an empire of light, that took off fast to a multiple six figures in less than 12 months, witnessing my feminine creating in a non-linear way new timelines and realities.My inner masculine fully surrendered in love, trust, and adoration to her while my inner feminine was free to create, fully express and dance with the Universe.These two energies, balanced each other while fully devoting to one another in ways I’ve never seen or experienced before.The inner alchemy paved my journey of embodiment while discovering the multidimensional expression of my divine feminine.I feel inspired to share my journey with all beautiful women that rose ????empires of light and now are looking to surrender and embody their divine feminine with ease and grace.” Awakening the Inner Goddess” is a program exclusively for women that will be released in the next months but we already started to create the quantum grid for it.If you are interested to be part of this program and want to receive updates until our launch date, please register your details here:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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