Why Courage Is A Foundational Value For A Quantum Leader

Many want to embody multiple-dimensional realities of leadership but are afraid to leave their comfort zone.I know 7 figure entrepreneurs, only able to operate in their city or country, or if they are close to their parents, family, and friends.If you uproot them, they are scared, confused, unsettled, losing their identity, center, and sense of purpose.A New Earth Leader operating in a multidimensional environment needs to embody higher adaptability to change and not be afraid to let go of the comfort zone.Courage is a foundational value for a Quantum Leader, able to travel and anchor in different parts of the world to feel safe in every environment, and build and anchor 5D communities from zero.Financial power if it’s not backed up by courage and the ability to take risks, lacks authenticity.Every millionaire or billionaire can buy assets and create a legacy. This is easy.But only a few truly embody integrity and have a backbone of strong healthy foundational values that will impact generations of human lives.If you resonate with these words, I invite you to read further…This year, I created a powerful semi-private 12 months deep immersion for a selected group of people here to become the New Earth Leaders of tomorrow.A program meant to awaken the leadership within and strip out all layers of identities, false beliefs, and fears of the ego and fully deprogram 3D values based on power, money, fame, status, public validation, etc.A mastermind for the leaders that are not building isolated empires of light, but come together and co-create, collaborate and expand globally their involvement in building the New Earth.If you are one of them, we have 2 spots left in this powerful container joining other Quantum Leaders here to make a global impact.Here is the link to submit your application and schedule your interview:https://liviadevi.com/quantum-leadership/

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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