New Earth Is Build From Abundance

Living and travelling around the world in the past decade, I’ve got to connect and experience many spiritual communities around the world and notice a common thread:

99% of lightwokers are in scarcity consciousness. They woke up from the 3D matrix that deceived them their entire life and started to reject abundance and prosperity as not being their birthright.

There is a deep programming, judgments, and pre-conceptions about prosperity but the most co-dependent one I heard is that ” the systems will collapse and equality, equanimity will be reinstated and everyone will be abundant”.

Let me tell you something straight: if you are not cultivating within the abundance frequency you will never experience it in your external reality. This is the law.

The collapse of the banking & economic system will not fill in your bank account, as the numbers you see today on your banking app will remain only numbers.

But if you are not filling in your Energetic bank account and open up to Wealth Consciousness, you will continue being in scarcity in all timelines and realities.

New Earth is not built by a few generous billionaires that awaken drinking Ayahuaska in Peru, but by you all.

All lightworkers need to be abundant & independent to create a synchronized flow of interdependency and actively participate to the co-creation of a new world.

I am guided by my Soul and the Arcturian Council of Light to invite Lightworkers ready to make the shift and deprogram slave & scarcofferingity programs, elevate their frequency and connect to the frequency of Abundance to join me in :

” Wealth Consciousness- 4 Week Quantum Training for New Earth Entrepreneurs”

I am offering this one-off super affordable training to the world because is needed, many people asked for it and many are ready to fully let go of the scarcity grids. 

Receive effortlessly, 

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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