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Super excited for our upcoming Wealth Consciousness 4 week Training starting on the 12/12 portal!

We are opening the grid of this powerful program with 12.12 code by activating our Rainbow Light Body and inter dimensional vehicles of transportation to allow the Great Central Sun frequency to activate our DNA and the 5D Inner Codexes of Abundance.

This quantum journey of empowerment and self- realization is awakening the remembrance of our royal galactic heritage and fully anchoring it in our 3D bodies and dimensions of existence at our choice.

The grid of Wealth Consciousness has two series of harmonic frequency that generates complex waveforms of high vibrational fields accelerating the shift through time -space and parallel realities.

The foundation of this program is a 7D technology activating the 5D/ New Earth Abundance Frequency and higher timelines/ realms of existence.

So excited to merge 7D technology with 5D teachings and anchor them in 3D/4D realities of co-creation with the Laws of the Universe the most aligned life sequences of prosperity, abundance and freedom while serving the world purposely and soulfully. 

Receive effortlessly, 

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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