Now Is Your Time To Rise

In uncertain times, we are offered the opportunity to choose our own frequency reality.When major events are happening on the planet, people are experiencing fear and unsafety in their bodies, at individual and collective level.Some are staying in the safety net of a known reality, easy to be controlled, feeding the illusion of freedom.While others are choosing to rise in courage, trust, love, devotion to their mission and soul purpose, loyalty to their divine service, creating their own frequency timeline.If you are devoted to your EVOLUTION, EXPANSION, ASCENSION and EMBODIMENT, here to make a change on this planet and inspire others.If you are here to co-create with your SOUL and STAR families your unique evolutionary path of ascension and anchor on the highest timelines of your mission.If you are here to receive advanced codexes of light from the 7D-12D galactic families will open your Heart towards DIVINE LOVE, FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE and COMMUNITY.Then I invite you to join SOURCE SEED, a program for those on the path of awakening and ascension, looking to expand their horizons of understanding, receiving and co-creating with their Souls and Multidimensional Self.A program where you learn how to navigate the QUANTUM FIELD and move from linearity into the quantum time-space continuums.A program fully anchored on the 4D bridge coded with advanced technology from 7D here to awaken all your senses while deeply connecting you to your Heart Consciousness.If you feel excited to join our community of Starseeds, book a call at the link below:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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