Beautiful Ones,

Welcome to Source Seed! 💫

A six months journey, of co-creation with your Higher Self, the Arcturian Council of Light, Sirius Council, StarSeed Alliances and Star Nations!

This members platform, is a highly dynamic
activated, and coded group coaching program here to take you to the next level of awakening, ascension, evolution and expansion.

When you join Source Seed, you are granted access to an online membership portal and a library of light with quantum transmissions and activations with the Arcturian Council of Light, will shift your consciousness in no time.

Also you are automatically added to Source Seed private groups, where you can interact with other starseeds, share your experiences, ask questions and receive answers and direct guidance from our coaches.

And to support your beautiful and unique journey of transformation, I brought in this program especially for you, two powerful highly sought mentors and facilitators Alex Buta and Eliska Vaea ❤

Once you join us, you are WEEKLY receiving transmissions, activations and LIVE coaching support to shift your consciousness and accelerate your ascension.

And to make your experience even more phenomenal, the Arcturian Council of Light will work on your energetic field and you will start receiving upgrades, downloads and quantum teachings from the higher realms of existence.

Woohoo 🎊

Are you excited to JOIN, us? 🎊

If its a full body YES, here is what you will receive in this quantum journey:
☆ Activations on your Quantum access and Channeling abilities
☆Activating your Starseed and Multidimensional codex to embody your Soul
☆Learning how to navigate the ascension from 3D to 5D and navigate multiple stages of awakening
☆Clearing and Deprograming 3D templates of existence that no longer serve your evolution
☆Connecting to your Soul and Star families and learning about dimensional existence
☆Learning about multiverses of existence and quantum technologies
☆Activating your DNA and Light Bodies for a graceful ascension
☆ Activating your Light Language and Star language abilities
☆Learning how to access and navigate the Quantum field
And so much more....

This is the first time ever, I offer a program of a high value and price point for only 500$ a month.

I am doing this, because I am guided to open the door to many awakened beings all around the world here to create with us a community, a movement and a powerful field where we can entrain the collective of this planet into 4D consciousness.

You can find at the link below more information about this program and how you can join us:

Looking forward to speaking to you soon!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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