Owning My Feminine Power

When a woman is anchored in her sovereign power, her strength is rooted in unconditional love.A love that is fierce, has boundaries, and values, and stays anchored in truth like the mighty oak tree in the storm.As women, our power doesn’t lie outside ourselves, attaining a false sense of security through relationships, successful businesses, or adored body images, but being authentically vulnerable and always choosing to stay in alignment with our truth and values.In leading by example, we are choosing to contribute in cultivating a culture of honest, heartfelt connection instead of perpetuating a people-pleasing culture, sacrificing the self for the need to be approved of, in our need to belong.When we are gracefully flowing with the feminine energies within, embracing the Ancient Goddess’s journey through the sacred archetypes of the maiden, mother, and crone we are leading from the Heart and Feminine Essence.I claimed, owned, and embodied my feminine power:????through self-responsibility, self-accountability, and self-actualizing the multi-diverse expression of my feminine energies.????when I decided I can’t fit in any identity boxes created by my subconscious mind or distorted & unhealthy beauty templates imposed by 3D realities????through deep self-love and radical acceptance of all archetype energies flowing through me the maiden, lover, seductress, creatix, priestesses, queen, warrioress, wild and wise woman fully integrated into the wholeness of my being.????when I decided I am everything that wants to be expressed through me and nothing at the same time, merging with the divine as one.????through releasing shame, self-judgment, self-sabotage trying to fit into other’s people perception realities of cultural and societal norms and values.I remember, a year ago a male student of mine couldn’t receive my teachings because he had such a strong predefined image of how a spiritual teacher should look, speak and be.He placed me on a pedestal, wanting me to be his ” guru” wear white clothes, and cover my body completely to validate his distorted perception of reality.The reality he refused to see was Authenticity, which dissolved the box he was trying to squeeze me in, as he couldn’t accept I am human & divine, extremely complex & simple, multidimensional & earthy and so much more…Our feminine sovereign power stays in the Purity of our Hearts, in the Divinity of our Being, in the Beauty of our Humans, and in the Freedom of our Essence.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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