Resting Into The New

After the Full Moon Total Eclipse I experienced a deep surrendering to the Universe, to the masculine energy, the father- God, the provider and lover counterpart.This month I completed a long karmatic cycle, tracking back from previous lifetimes and I felt how a big energetic burden was lifted off my shoulders along with all protection shields, walls and defenses.The war is over.The galactic war, earth war…as I put to rest all past-future alternate timelines memories.Flowering into softness, the Universe is watering my roots and its more responsive than ever before.Instant manifestation is the reward while divine abundance is showering me with everything I ever wanted and needed.There is nothing to do, as everything has been done for me.Only accepting new realities that are bringing more love, abundance, health, wealth and prosperity.Yesterday, my heart was aching opening up to these new energies, soft, vulnerable and humble.I am now resting into the new…birthed once again into my feminine, as a woman on Earth.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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