Stellar Connections

When I received the download to create the SOURCE SEED program, the guidance was to bring in, two beautiful Souls that were in my life already, anchoring with me a community on the island of Nusa Lembongan in Bali.Alex Buta is an incredible brother and Arcturian- Sirian Soul with an embodied masculine presence and remembrance of his Egyptian lifetimes and Eliska Vaea is a Sirian- Pleiadian Goddess of Light and divine feminine presence.When I invited them to co-create with me this program the name ” Source Seed” was born from this trinity, anchoring the teachings from multiple civilizations and Star Nations.This amazing platform for starseeds is the starting point for everyone who wants to connect to their Star families, open to channel, embody their higher self, learn the A, B, and C of the quantum field, and co-create with so many civilizations.Today in Source Seed, our beautiful members are sharing their light language transmissions from Arcturus, Sirius, Lyra, Pleiadians, Orion, and Andromeda…bridging dimensional existence and creating stellar connections.If you are interested to join this program for a minimum of a 6 months journey and a galactic group of starlights, submit your application at the link below:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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