Source Seed

Anchor into higher timelines of 5D abundance, love, freedom, service, and unity consciousness

Source Seed is a dynamic, highly activated, and coded group coaching program for the missioned souls who are awakening to their purpose and calling.

This is a fully guided and supported journey through your integration and embodiment of soul purpose and mission. When you join Source Seed you are granted access to an online membership portal and private Facebook Group where you will receive channeled activations and transmissions from Livia Devi and The 7D Arcturian Council of light.

And to support your journey further, Livia has brought in two fully aligned and highly sought after mentors and facilitators, Alex Buta and Eliska Vaea, who will be providing you with bi-weekly group coaching.

You can rest assured that your questions will always be answered and your ascension always supported and guided.

A Free Activation to Begin your Source Seed Journey

Please register below to receive access to this POWERFUL Starseed Activation to meet your Soul and Star family!

This Starseed Activation is all about creating a pathway, a guiding light for the awakened and the "seekers" to find their home, their place, their soul family and finally feel whole again.

In this channeled transmission, we go back to ORIGIN, honoring the remembrance of our Soul & Star Family, re-establishing a HEART connection with them and transcending the separation frequency we once experienced through awakening.

For the ones who have been searching for their place, their reason for existence, their home, this transmission and activation is for you.

And if after this transformational activation you feel called to continue your journey, then please, read on to find out more...

The Source Seed journey will have you:

  • Activating your Quantum access and Channeling abilities
  • Activating your Starseed and multidimensional codex to embody your Soul
  • Learning how to navigate the ascension from 3D to 5D and navigate multiple stages of awakening
  • Clearing and deprograming 3D templates of existence that no longer serve your evolution
  • Receiving teachings and activations from 7D Arcturian Council of Light
  • Connecting to your Soul and Star families and learning about dimensional existence

If you feel deeply called to continue this powerful evolution journey, please book a call with Livia Devi or her Soul Team to assist in answering all your questions and providing guidance and insight into your journey:

When you join Source Seed you will also be:

  • Learning about multiverses of existence and quantum technologies
  • Activating your DNA and Light Bodies for a graceful ascension
  • Calling back your Soul memory and accessing the highest timelines of existence
  • Activating your Light Language and Star language abilities
  • Receiving templates, teachings, and codexes to stabilize on the 4D bridge of consciousness
  • Learning how to access and navigate the Quantum field
  • Receiving templates of integration and embodiment in alignment with your Soul Evolution
  • Learning how to co-create with Gaia consciousness
  • Learning how to always anchor in the 5D grids of existence
  • Receiving new gridwork templates and teachings for co-creation, expansion, ascension, and evolution
  • Anchoring into new realities of abundance, love, freedom, service, and unity consciousness
  • And so much more....

What's included in Source Seed

  • 1 x monthly Channeled Activation with livia and The Arcturian Council Of Light
  • 1 x pre-recorded Channeled Activation With Livia And The Arcturian Council delivered each month 
  • bi-weekly Online Quantum Group Coaching Calls With source seed mentors, alex or eliska
  • Access To The Membership Site And All Recordings (For As Long As Your Part Of Source Seed)
  • Private Facebook and Telegram groups as well as community and connection
  • Energetic upgrades done behind the scenes the entire time you're part of the container
  • month-by-month subscription and access (with a minimum 6 month subscription to start)

If you feel deeply called to continue this powerful evolution journey, please book a call with Livia Devi or her Soul Team to assist in answering all your questions and providing guidance and insight into your journey:

Meet Alex & Eliska, Your Mentors

Alex Buta ~ Supporting and empowering New Earth Co-Creators on Their Ascension and Soul Mission Journey.

Testimonial for Alex:

“Already in my first session with Alex, I had the feeling that my behavior and thought patterns have been transformed in a way that was inexplicable to me, as if my field of consciousness was getting an upgrade. Alex’s consciousness, in critical moments, steers my consciousness into a positive one.
In the second session, I was able to build on all of this with him and deepen certain topics in order to transform them as well. Everything became crystal clear allowing me to develop a different mindset.
Alex brought me back to lightness and my feminine and masculine energies are again in harmony and I am so much more in charge of my vibration, for which I am more than grateful to him. This is exactly what allowed deep healing and miracles to show up in my live.”

~Simona Wangelin, Germany

Eliska Vaea ~ Empowering Magick Leaders to Trust, Activate, and Create Freedom.

Testimonial for Eliska:

"What I loved the most about working with you were your shamanic looks, your hand gestures, your enthusiastic smile and complete devotion to our work, your wild side you shared and also you supportive directness. You have activated me in the perfect moments and held me with care in others. Your business knowledge weaves with the spiritual, which I absolutely appreciate. And your energy that keeps beaming out of you...I have always walked out of our sessions nourished, inspired and full of courage for next steps. thank you so much Eli."

~Pavlina Plaskova