Are You Ready To Quantum Leap?

When we are moving through time and space, we are not doing this with our family and friends but with our Soul only.Your Higher Self and Families of Light are your only companions in the quantum field journey of exploring consciousness.We are transcending all limitations of physical form by realizing we have never left our non physical expression, we were never born and we will never die.This realization is releasing all mental constructs of linearity, past, present, future, time, space as everything dissolves back into the core of creation.We are arriving in the stillness of the zero point field, breathing and being Source.From this point, we can access infinite avenues of the quantum field and chose our next destination timeline and reality.When we quantum leap consciously, we are deliberately shaping and forming our realities, as co-creators of our life experiences.If you want to learn more, I would like to invite you to take a journey with me and the Arcturian Council of Light in the Quantum Leadership Program.This is an advanced semi-private evolutionary container for the ones on the Divine Mission and Service path, wanting to take their journey to the next level of their Soul Embodiment, Evolution and Ascension.For the ones, deeply called to expand their missions globally, co-create with advanced multidimensional technology, ready to consciously navigate the quantum field and anchor in physical form New Earth realities.For the ones, ready to be and act in Sovereignty, Authenticity, Leadership and be part of an advanced New Earth Ascension Council developing and supporting 5D projects and programs on different earth grids.The ones, ready to step in the unknown, quantum leap with their Souls and become the highest expression of their Consciousness as embodied divinity.If you are one of them, we have 5 (five) seats left in our New Earth Council ready for a 12 months deep journey of transformation, impact, abundance, leadership and incredible quantum shift of consciousness.Here is the link where you can submit your application:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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