Your mission has a grid and when it's activated, it matches the frequency of the density you are choosing to reside.
There are multiple levels of co-creation with the grid of your mission:

  • Level 1- your mission mirrors the frequency output of your human Self (subconscious and conscious beliefs, mainly 3D)
  • Level 2- your mission mirrors the frequency output of your light bodies, when a full synchronization of all layers of your being happened, mainly 4D)
  • Level 3- your mission mirrors the frequency output of your Higher Self, mainly 5D)
  • Level 4- your mission mirrors the frequency output of your Multidimensional Self, transcending density).

When we learn to co-create with our missions at multidimensional level, the grid expands beyond dimensional existence and its purpose becomes wider than the impact we are making in physical realities.
Someone that is consciously serving at multidimensional level is helping others to rapidly change the fabric of their realities, co-creating with their human Self and all other versions of Self simultaneously.
This is when major transformations happen, when your clients are evolving, ascending, expanding and shifting in quantum time-space continuums, accessing an infinite flow of abundance, prosperity, freedom and divine service.
I am excited to guide the New Earth Leaders from Quantum Leadership Program, through a step by step quantum system how to co-create with the grid of their missions and anchor it globally (3D-5D realities) and beyond.
In Quantum Leadership we are receiving teachings on

  • New Earth Blueprint, Templates And Codes For Stepping Into The Next Level Of Sovereignty And Leadership.
  • Activating Inner Multidimensional Systems To Awaken Quantum Skills And Abilities Of Embodied Self-Mastery
  • Activating 5D Consciousness To Awaken The Highest Potential To Serve Humanity
  • Accessing The Divine Flow Of Co-Creation With Source And Being In A Constant State Of Receiving Precise Downloads For Your Soul Mission
  • Moving From Heroic To Quantum Leadership Through Authenticity And Alignment.
  • Learning About Leadership Styles, Systems And How To Shift Into 5D New Earth Paradigm
  • Receiving Advanced Codexes Of Light From The Arcturian Council Of Light To Access Your Multidimensional Soul Mission.
  • Bridging Dimensional Existence And Time-Space Continuums To Expand Your Divine Service On Earth.

If you want to be part of this journey, you can submit your application at the link below:

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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