The More I Surrender…

The more I surrender to my feminine, the deeper I merge with my inner masculine.The more I co-create with my masculine, the deeper I embody my feminine.The deeper I let all aspects of myself to sink into my heart, the freer, happier and blissful my essence is.This divine interplay of energies, is bringing the dance of polarity to its highest expression before dissolving into oneness.Every note of the song, every step or turn is intensively lived and revered by creator as creation.Deep Blue..I was once told by Sirius when they taught me how to access the power of my womb at multi-dimensional level using the ecstatic fire of the kundalini.From higher realms tantric connections to feeling the bliss in each cell of my being, I channel through my vessel the primordial dance of creation.Its power dissolves into softnessIts purpose into pleasureIts ephemerality into infinityAnd so the dance continues..

Receive Effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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