The next level

The next level implies leaving your comfort zone and taking actions aligned with your Spirit.Everyone desires to live an abundant life whilebeing on service but a few are clear on their:WHY- What is the reason, drive, motivation behind your desire? If your WHY is not big enough you will not strive to reach your goals and targets.WHAT- What is your Divine Service to this world? How can you contribute, inspire, impact and create a generational legacy?HOW-What is your strategy, plan and how willyou bring your gifts & talents to the world? The world needs you to anchor 5D consciousness into the 3D world but how?WHEN- The best time is not when you are ready, but when you are not, because you will never collect enough certifications/ diplomas/ titles and feel wise & powerful for your mission if not right now.If you want to leave the 1:1 session zone and start scaling and creating financial freedom and impact I invite you to Wealth Consciousness- A 5D Business Program for New Earth Entrepreneurs.This 6 months advanced and accelerated program is teaching you how to:CONNECT to your Heart & Soul, access and embody your Divine Mission on Earth by accessing your Multidimensionality and 5D ConsciousnessACCESS the Quantum Field, embody and co-create with advanced 7D Technology will help you download your New Earth programs, projects and what you are here to anchor.CO- CREATE with advanced civilizations of Light, Galactic Federation, Star Nations and re-establish your galactic connection, remembering your galactic heritage and how you are contributing to Earth ascension and evolution.EXPAND your teachings about the 4D bridge and inter-dimensional travel to shortcut stages of collective evolution and quantum shift parallel and alternate timelines and realities to merge with future versions of Self and live your highest timelines.ACTIVATE Wealth Consciousness, Abundance Codexes and Royal codes from your DNA and the entire database in your nervous system & light bodies. EVOLVE and elevate your Consciousness to the next level of receiving and co-creation with the laws of the Universe.GROUND your downloads, teachings and Soul frequencies in a 5D business model that will serve people in 3D, 4D and 5D.LEARN how the architect your own Mission Grid infrastructures and use powerful tools & technologies will expand your 5D Business & Brand.EMBODY the merge of your Divine Service & 5D Business at the cellular level, becoming it and evolving with its consciousness for creating an unbreakable, untouchable and Divinely protected long lasting legacy on Earth.20 Seats only for 20 Courageous Souls ready for the NEXT LEVEL.Submit your application and book your interview at the link: Blessings,Livia DeviPhoto by Jada Sun Proudly wearing White Hat Army T-shirt by Galactic Federation Of Light . So happy to be an Ambassador for this coded brand.Link to Shop:

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