Galactic federation of light

My first connection with GFL was in 2019 when I received a directive to anchor an interdimensional project on Earth.A month ago the second directive came through as a New Earth Project in United States that already started.The downloads from GFL have a very specific frequency using encoded communication lines and high frequency keys for activating and receiving the transmissions.5D New Earth is part of GFL already and we are becoming galactic citizens the more we embody 5D consciousness and able to access high frequency realms of existence.I jumped off my office chair  when I was contacted by GFL Apparel an incredible clothing line based in Los Angeles, coding the collective consciousness though messages imprinted on t-shirts, hoodies, baseball hats, pants.After connecting with the owner and visionary of this brand, sharing his story with the Galactic Federation and the mission he has on Earth, I decided to become an Ambassador for this brand and support its global community.For the ones living in LA, GFL Apparel will be at @consciouslifeexpo at Hilton this weekend and I will be visiting the Expo on Saturday staying at GFL booth and Infinite TV booth as well.Also on Sunday, February 12th I am offering a Trance- Channeling 4 hours event in Venice, LA. Tickets at the link in bio.For the ones, wanting to purchase GFL clothing you can use my code NEW EARTH and at the check out you will receive a FREE GFL baseball cap.Here are the links:…/gfl….Let’s code the world, together!

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