Ground the new earth

For years, we are speaking about the New Earth and how “amazing” 5D consciousness is, improving our vocabulary with more spiritual words with little to no action in physical reality.

Its time to move from a conceptual experience to an embodied one.

Its time to let the New Earth frequencies descend in our bodies as we let our Soul merge back again with the physical body temple.

Its time to ground our commitment to this planet and the evolution of human consciousness, by embodying our 5D Soul Missions and taking actions in 3D and 4D.

Its time to see the density as the greatest catalyst for accelerated embodied ascension & descension and the fertile ground for deep transformation.


Lightworkers, Entrepreneurs, Soulpreneurs, Innovators and Multidimensional Visionaries that had the courage to leap in the unknown, listened deeply to your Soul & Star Family guidance and risked it all to contribute to the re-formation of a New World.

Moved countries, continents, built communities, started entrepreneurial journeys, went through it all to serve with your Soul at the highest level of devotion, commitment and consciousness.

Shifted paradigms of existence, timelines & realities, continuously letting go and merging with new versions of yourself to offer your service to more awakening beings..


With our 5D Divine Soul Missions

With Wealth Consciousness Blueprint & Activated Abundance

With Technological Innovations & 5D-7D Quantum Technology

With Our Own Resources & 5D Money Frequency

With 5D Infrastructures of financial, economical, educational, social systems

And So much more…

If you resonate with these words and you are ready to TAKE ACTION, I invite you to:

Wealth Consciousness a New Earth Mastermind for 5D Entrepreneurs ready for the NEXT LEVEL of co-creation, embodiment, accelerated ascension, expansion and impact.

More details at the link in bio or below:

Receive effortessly,

Livia Devi

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