This Message Is For All Channelers And Trance-Channelers In The World

I feel to create some awareness and invite people to a greater discernment on this topic.

As someone that is teaching how to open to channel and facilitate the activation of this ability, I’ve got to witness how important is ego deconstruction in the process of channeling light messages.

In my case, the first thing the Sirius Council of Light did before even introducing me energetically to the Arctrian Council of Light, was a wiping out all 3D programming and accelerate my ego dissolution to a point of not existing.

Because when you channel a higher consciousness, there is a great power flowing through, and with great power comes great responsibility.

I’ve seen people opening to channels and taking on titles, and identities or having guru syndrome, thinking they are “galactic geeks” and so very special compared with others, when in fact they need to work more on deconstructing their ego.

If you are a clear, pure, open channel you are becoming nobody because, you are merging with the source within you that doesn’t have a name, body, and a full set of conditioning.

And if you are evolved enough to understand this type of embodiment, then when you finish your transmission you are humbly carrying that knowing without showing off or talking about it, because you are it.

Many others with intense childhood trauma that dissociated & left their physical bodies living in their upper chakras, from 3rd eye upwards, open to channel and start streaming chaotically from all spectrum of realms including underworld, calling it light.

Those people in need of intense healing instead of doing shadow work, run away from it because the pain of healing or facing deep intense emotions was unbearable so they left their bodies.

If you are channel, the question is what frequency are you transmitting? Are you channeling your shadow and the underworld and calling it light or are you truly connected to higher realms of existence?

Nowadays everyone can speak in “new age terms” but words mean nothing if they are not sustained by a powerful energy.

There is a need for greater discernment that comes from tuning in deeply and connecting to the energy behind words going beyond the form presented to you.

But some people are not able to go deep, so they will only read words and take decisions with their minds, while others will decide with their hearts.

Navigating energetic worlds require dep discernment and responsibility, which many should be aware of. 

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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