Circumstances Don’t Matter

Let me tell you a story…

In January 2020 when C-Vid started, I was in Tokyo airport flying from Hawaii to Bali and looking at everyone wearing face masks.

As I am not watching TV or reading the news for 6 years, I didn’t know what is going on because I was not plugged into collective realities.

As the flight attendant from Japan Airlines, handed me a mask and updated me on the world news, I was quietly observing but still not engaging with the collective.

I chose my own reality and highest realm timelines.

As I arrived in Bali, I decided to continue exploring my own inner multiverses and I got very excited to scale my business and expand my Divine Soul Mission on Earth.

While everyone was in fear, stocking on food & supplies, afraid the apocalypse is coming and we are all going to die. I was slowly drinking my tea in my villa in Ubud thinking about how can I bring the message from the Arctician Council to more people online.

2020 was an abundant multiple six figures year when I got to connect with a powerful global community of entrepreneurs, conscious creators, lightworkers, starseeds, and leaders, being invited to podcasts, and interviews, and signing my first contract with MindValley for Silvana.

When you are trusting your own guidance & intuition and deliberately choose how you want your life to feel & be experienced you are the Creator and Creation merging as one.

Seeing opportunities when others are seeing chaos, flowing with Source and aligning with your creation undisturbed by the collective’s process of awakening, that is Self- Mastery.

If you are excited to learn more, I invite you to Wealth Consciousness- a Quantum Training for New Earth Entrepreneurs starting on December 12th 2022. 

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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