Today is Thanksgiving Day in USA and as I look back at 2022, this has been the most intense year in the past decade.

Spirit wanted me to level up in all areas of my life, conquering high peaks and transforming into becoming the next level of embodiment of my divine mission on Earth.

As a whole, sovereign being in a leadership role, pioneering some very cool timelines for humanity this year my mission was to bridge 3D with 5D and support the 4D bridge by being fully placed on the 3D grids and working on the major cities blueprint.

I fully completed this chapter of my mission, a month ago and Spirit rewarded me with some incredible & long-awaited alignments which I am very grateful for.

I am grateful I am still here in physical form, contributing to & impacting directly humanity.

I am grateful Spirit is always with me guiding my steps and cheering my life.

I am grateful my immediate family is alive & in good health.

I am grateful to my Soul family and friends I have all around the world, to my students & clients, and to all beings walking with me on this path.

I am grateful, for divine love and for reflecting myself in another.

What are you grateful for today and every day of your life? 

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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