What Is Your Why?

What is that is moving your Soul so deeply to take risks, jump in the unknown and courageously reach your Goal?

What is that will make you so committed that every action will generate so much passion and before you even know it, you have exceeded your own dreams & expectations?

From my experience, individual goals are fun to pursue but collective goals make you devote to them.

And if you devote yourself to something in your life you have found your first WHY.

In the 3rd dimension, people are setting up individual goals mirrored by collective consciousness conditioning: physical beauty, money, fame, and power for validation, approval, inclusiveness, love & appreciation.

In the 5th dimension we are setting up collective goals mirrored at the individual level: freedom will be reflected by the source within each human being to the extent of accepting the micro and macro multiverses as one.

The more we evolve our consciousness, the more refined our WHYs are in co-creating with Source energy.

The road from WHY to HOW is the journey you are taking and I am here to show you multiple ways you can walk your own path. 

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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