Beautiful Ones,

On the Lion's Gate Portal on August 8th 2022, we will start a 9 months journey with 5D visionaries from different parts of the world, here to architect New Earth timelines.

If you feel deeply called to support the creation of the New Earth and embody 5D consciousness while activating your Soul Mission Grid and receiving advanced tools and technologies from the Higher Councils of Light, I invite you to read further:

I am guided to hold a multidimensional grid with the Arcturian Council of Light, Sirius Council of Light and the Great Central Sun Council of Light for a selected group of people READY to embark on a quantum journey of evolution and ascension.

This program is placed on the 4D bridge which allows a rapid acceleration, transformation and embodiment of your Soul Blueprint, Soul Signature and DNA codexes of light will awaken your true essence and place you fully on the pathway of your New Earth Mission.

You will learn how to access the Quantum field, co-create deliberately new realities, quantum jump and shift timelines, embody your Heart Consciousness, elevate your levels of abundance of love, health and wealth, co-create with advances quantum 7D/12D technology, use crystalline liquid light technology, navigate your multidimensional expression and so much more...

Words are not enough to express the journey or capture these multidimensional teachings, but your Heart will receive codexes of light beyond the immediate comprehension of your mind, your light bodies will expand and your Soul will immediately connect not only to your body but with all layers levels and dimensions of your consciousness.

If you feel the potency of this message, I invite you to find out more about Evolving Consciousness program at:

And if this is your Soul calling, please submit your application on the website and book your interview.

I am excited to meet the 5D Visionaries guided to accelerate their journeys on Evolving Consciousness grid.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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