Self-Mastery As A 5D Visionary

Are you able to hold the frequency of your Soul Mission beyond your current circumstances and living environment?Are you able to transform, evolve and explore your becoming without forgetting who you are?The more awakened and conscious we are, the easier is, to take the observer role and witness each stage of our life and the portals of transformation we are navigating without identifying with them.We can actively participate to our own life and witness it compassionately in the same time.If you are committed to your evolution, you stay completely awaken and don’t fall back into a default way of living, old patterns, judgements, victimization consciousness or lower densities.You never lose track.This inner commitment takes you to Self- Mastery, am embodied quality of holding your multidimensional expression, seeing the multi-faced way of changing ways and expression without taking any identity.What is IDENTITY in the end?If not, an anchor of your mind into a specific reality validating your existence.SELF- MASTERY as a 5D VISIONARY requires:- an INNER COMMITMENT to not forget your essence, your Soul Blueprint, your Soul Mission and your contribution to the New Earth co-creation- SELF- DISCIPLINE to not lose alignment with your Inner Being- COURAGE to dance with change and navigate portals of transformation, without taking the identity of who you are becoming, but remaining the WITNESS, the OBSERVER of your own life.- AWARENESS that will keep you awakened, free and allowing you to see multiple perspectives, options, possibilities and infinite potentialities without losing yourSelf. You are at the center of your own Multiverses of existence.Stay Centered.Keep the Commitment.Set yourself Free.Become it, Integrate it, Witness itMaster Yourself.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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