Unlock Your Spiritual Potential

Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey towards spiritual growth, ascension, and a deeper connection with your true self?

Welcome to Starseed Accelerated Ascension, your gateway to a higher dimension.

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What Awaits You

Exclusive Membership:

Gain access to a world of wisdom and enlightenment.

Personal Video Sessions:

Over 10 hours of invaluable teachings from Livia Devi and The Arcturian Council of Light.

Activation Exercises:

30 exercises designed to accelerate your ascension.

24/7 Access:

Dive into your spiritual journey at your own pace.

Create Your Sacred Space

Explore the secrets of sacred spaces, soul connections, and activate your third eye for spiritual growth.

Gaia, Terra, Tara, and Multidimensional Earth

Dive into the distinct realms of Earth and prepare to connect with its multidimensional aspects.

5D New Earth Frequency

Journey into the 5D New Earth and activate your 5D Heart Stargate with the guidance of Livia Devi.

Connect with Your Higher Self

Learn how to align your chakric system with your consciousness and embody your Higher Self.

4th Dimensional Bridge and Multidimensionality

Explore the ascension stages, understand the 4th Dimensional Bridge, and activate Heart Consciousness in 4D.

Physical Body Ascension

Discover the art of embodying consciousness in your physical body and awaken to the stages of ascension.

Star Civilizations of Light

Learn how to connect with your Higher Self and communicate with higher consciousness in the quantum field.

Heart Consciousness Portal of Ascension

Uncover the power of heart consciousness and its connection to reality as you accelerate your ascension.

Light Bodies

Explore Light Bodies, Descension, and elevate your frequency to embody 5D consciousness with insights from the 7D Arcturian Council.

Law of Attraction

Dive into the Law of Attraction, featuring co-creation and guided meditation for activation, along with third eye activation for manifestation.

Are You Ready to Ascend?

This is your opportunity to connect with your Soul and Star families, guided by Livia Devi & The Arcturian Council of Light.

Is This for You?

Your Journey Begins Here

Join us in understanding the awakening, ascension, and expansion process at all layers, levels, and dimensions of your being.

Embrace the Light

Don't Miss Out!

Your path to spiritual growth and ascension starts here. Embrace your true potential and become a member of Starseed Accelerated Ascension today!

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