Beyond time-space reality

What if transcendence is bringing us closer to who we are?What if our becoming is not ruled by the laws of the Universe as we merge with Source energy?How far can we take our exploration in physical form until we accept our non-physicality?The more human race is evolving, the more we realize the vast space of consciousness is merging timelines, dimensions and realities into an unified field of intelligence, shared with other civilizations and nations beyond Earth.Where activated & embodied 5D abilities is taking our specie to the next level of co-creation with dimensional and interdimensional civilizations that transcended the limitations of form.When there is so much excitement, knowing life can be experienced at levels beyond 3D physical senses, as we are returning to the original human blueprint.Your mind was never meant to understand the journey beyond time- space reality.Receive effortlessly,Livia Devi  Daniel Sun

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