Meeting the divine in union

As we anchoring our new home in Hawaii, my partner and I are feeling a deep gratitude for how much healing work we have done individually in the past decades to meet each other in the highest timeline & purity of our hearts.If there is anything that comes up is met in connection, transmuted and integrated instantly, while celebrating the love that magnetized us in union.Shadow work became a child’s play, getting us both excited when anything not yet loved wants to be integrated, which rarely hapens after years of mastering the subconscious.5D relating in union is very different than anything I have experienced before. Our main “problem” is being overwhelmed by the amount of love we are feeling for each other and always expanding the grids of receiving.Living in celebration & joy, quantum shifting realities together, evolving & changing so fast and always meeting in the highest timeline of blossoming love & overflowing prosperity..we are in deep union with the divine.When we first met, we both knew… we are the highest expression of divine love for each other and since we are living the magic we both are.From our One Heart to Yours!Receive effortesslyLove,Livia Devi 

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