The way of devotion

Every year, I am recommitting to my mission on this planet with the arcturian Council of Light.Every year, I am navigating new streams of energy allowing their miraculous unfolding.Every year, I am creating something new. I never teach the same content as everything is freshly & newly downloaded.Some people build & scale their businesses on automation while I use 5D Quantum Systems that allows a faster expansion & impact of my Divine Service on Earth at Multidimensional level.Every year, I witness subconscious collective energy trends taking people in cycles they lived 2 or 3 years ago, repeating the old disguised as new.Every year, I choose my own path, seeing how my global tribe magnetize back into my field, as they are choosing too, to rise into higher frequency realities.Even if energetically we are starting 2023 in March, I am excited anchoring my light in Hawaii and expanding my reach to more Souls on United States mainland.This morning I received clear guidance to organize private & group retreats in Hawaii, launch 2 programs and one training, record meditations for @mindvalley, run my show New Earth- Bridge to Multidimensional Experience at, continue being linked to the investors & entrepreneurial networks I am part of, organize events in some of the mainland vortexes and the list continues….I love the clarity, direction, focus, purposely living & creating, evolving, expanding and being in my own chosen reality and timeline.Live your Vision, Mission & Divine Timeline on Earth!Many Blessings,Livia Devi 

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