I always say YES to life and never miss opportunities.And this is because I am not afraid to take risks, jump into the unknown, and dance with the Universe.I would have never become this version of me if years ago I would have decided to stay in the safety net of a known, controllable and predictable reality.My courage is coming from a deep love for life, curiosity, excitement, and wonder.Many think they are trapped in their realities only to realize later it was mental self-imposed imprisonment while others are just observing, watching, and seeing the opportunities coming and going without taking any actions.Courage comes from a deep impulse felt in each cell of your being. It’s a flame that can’t be tamed, controlled, suppressed, or ignored because its truth is felt by your body’s intelligence, transcending all mental barriers and limitations.Its fire is burning hot in your Heart and then you surrender to your Soul’s guidance to take the leap, even if it doesn’t make any logical sense or it’s challenging all created systems in your reality.Invite chaos to create order and re-arrange your reality to its highest potential not the way you think it’s working, but the way you have never imagined it could unfold.Courage is a value, I embody in all fibers of my being.Its the driving force that made me live on:???? 3 continents, Europe, Asia, America????visit over 30 countries???? live in the most beautiful places and luxurious villas????built a multi-six figure Light Empire in 1 year???? hired a team of exceptional human beings???? living now on the beautiful islands of Hawaii in an epic villa???? preparing to launch and add to my Mission Empire a second business ???????? leading from my Heart & Sacral chakra and deep Feminine PowerHave the courage to take that risk and inspired action, feel your Heart, listen to your Soul Guidance, take that Chance and Choose your Life.

Choose Love,

Livia Devi

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