Understanding The 4D Bridge And Multidimensionality

Beautiful Starseeds, I am so excited, we officially opened Source Seed and had our very first transmission and activation! ????And it was so powerful! We had so much fun, so many ah-ha moments, and truly connected on a soul level.We discussed all things 4D bridge and multidimensionality and explored what the journey of awakening can look like for many.We also discussed some common misconceptions and ways to navigate the awakening journey with more ease, grace, and a lot more fun!For many, the journey of awakening can be a lonely one. We often awaken in the same family as before, with the same circle of friends and colleagues.And we have questions. So many questions. And no one to turn to. Because they haven’t awakened YET.So we usually embark on a journey to find mentors and teachers who can shed some insightful light on our questions, hoping to find a community who understands us.And sometimes, we even feel that it’s just easier to hide away our level of awareness and pretend to fit in as we did before.Regardless of what path you choose, your destiny will always find you and make it so that no matter what – you MUST face your truth. You MUST listen to the calling of your soul. You MUST follow the signs and guidance back home, to your Star family.And with this coming home experience, you receive so much clarity around all aspects of self. Both the spiritual and human self.You find purpose. Community. Passion. Guidance. Answers. Abundance. Freedom. Unity. Love. Peace. Joy. Determination. Clarity. Understanding. Compassion. Healing. Connection.And so much more!Which is why I am so excited to have opened Source Seed. You no longer have to be alone or go searching very far.You can become part of our Source Seed family and receive the answers to all your questions in a safe and loving environment.I love the Starseeds who have joined us already. They are so committed to their journey of evolution, their path, and their quest for clarity and expansion.If you are an awakened being, please know that you are not alone. And to help you gain more clarity straight away, I want to invite you to watch a FREE Starseed Activation and transmission that I hosted recently.So many beautiful souls resonated so much with what was shared, and received deeper layers of awareness than ever before.And if once you have received this free Starseed Activation and you feel called to spread your wings within the safety and love of Source Seed – then we will welcome you with so much love and grace.If you would like access to the Starseed Activation please comment here and I will reply you the link.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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