Let’s Make Earth Our Home

This planet of unimagibable beauty, it’s not always feeling welcoming for many starseeds and sensitive awakened souls on Earth.As we are born in duality, contrast, polarity and exposed to the full spectrum of existence many are looking to find communities where they can feel safe, supported, seen, empowered and loved.Now more than ever, it’s time to connect deeply with one another and create networks of light all around the world can sustain and shift the collective consciousness into a higher frequency timeline.Last year, I created a global platform for everyone ready to access their heart consciousness, connect to their Higher Selves, reconnect with their Soul and Star families and start a beautiful empowered journey of embodiment.Why?Because with every person that is awakening and accelerating their ascension, more others are following and collectively we start collapsing timelines of thousands of years of separation consciousness.And this is how new timelines and realities are born and the 5D New Earth is taking form.If you deeply feel these words and ready to join a beautiful global community of souls all around the world here to make a change, I invite you to Source Seed.You can find more details about this program and how to submit your application at the link below:https://liviadevi.com/source-seed/And if you feel inspired to be joining us, I would love to chat with you and welcoming you in this co-creative grid of evolution, expansion, ascension, freedom, abundance and unconditional love.

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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