Livia Devi Presents...

DNA Recoding & Quantum Consciousness

LIVE Event

Los Angeles, Cali. USA

May 5th 2024

Take a Journey With Livia Devi and the Arcturian Council of Light into

the Quantum and

Upgrade to Quantum Consciousness DNA

As the energies on Earth intensify, a profound transformation is underway at the cellular level. The atomic spin rate is increasing, giving rise to new geometric frequencies that allow for a higher light quotient to be embodied within our very cells. However, these upgrades are not without their challenges.

The journey of ascension is often accompanied by physical discomfort, emotional upheaval, and mental confusion. Many individuals find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted, unsure of how to navigate the influx of plasma light frequencies beaming on Earth right now.

In response to these challenges and the heightened energies of 2024 I decided to offer to my community in Los Angeles a powerful workshop:DNA Recoding and Quantum Consciousness.

This transformative workshop is designed to unravel the mysteries of the ascension process and empower individuals to navigate the quantum landscape of conscious evolution.
At the heart of the workshop lies the exploration of the quantum equation governing the embodiment of consciousness at the cellular level.
Participants delve deep into the intricacies of the quantum physics exploring how consciousness interacts with the physical, emotional, mental, electro-magnetic, and light body and learning how to co-create with the gamma frequency particles and waves.
Armed with newfound understanding and tools for self-exploration, participants are empowered to embrace their ascension journey with courage and resilience. 

In this workshop you will RECEIVE:


This Activation will remove density at the cellular level and enhance the atomic spinning elevating your frequency and vibrational field.
Learn practical techniques for working with plasma light frequencies, allowing them to harness the transformative power of these energies for their highest good.


The activation of the Light Body initiates a profound alchemical process within the physical form. It entails a complete restructuring of our neural networks, organs, glands, and every particle of our being. This activation is meant to upgrade and expand your light body to gracefully receive advanced frequencies and downloads.


You will understand how your physical, emotional and mental body relates to the Soul and Consciousness evolution, how they interconnect and expands on your multidimensional field.

And so much MORE...

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Limited Spaces available to this event in LA

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