I used to think that, other people abundance codes are greater than mine, that I have to learn from them and receive their activations without realizing I was doing to myself the greater disservice ever.

I sabotaged my own access to abundance for years by following other people's templates and modalities, because I was taught to connect, see, interact and co-create with the frequency of abundance in a certain way...the way the mentor was teaching.

When I decided to leave the "abundance grid" of others I start to see it from outside and have a greater perspective and understanding why I felt so limited in my co-creation with this wonderful frequency.

And here are my insights from lived experience:

1.Many 5D abundance teachers are deliberately placing co-dependancy strings on their teaching grid, making people access abundance only when they are on their grid. When you decide to leave, you are coming back to old timelines and realities of lack, with zero embodiment of the codes.This makes people stay for years with a mentor, feeding co-dependancy patterns.

2. When you are taught to visualize, see and co-create with a frequency in a certain way, your capacity of receiving is limited, disempowering you to use the full spectrum of your creative power.

3. Some "abundant" teachers are in more lack and scarcity than their students, always feeling the need to give and offer more and more activations, because they know something is lacking integrity in their foundational teachings.

And the list continues...

When I realized all of these, I had a major breakthrough and a period of deconstructing, removing, unplugging and releasing from all levels of my being all abundance codes, templates and grids I have ever received from others.

The Arcturian Council of Light helped me to remove all abundance codexes I have stored in my subconscious and conscious mind and they start activating my OWN TEMPLATE OF ABUNDANCE.

A template that was always there, streaming from the infinite expression of Source energy of bliss and joy.

A template part of my SOUL BLUEPRINT that doesn't know limitations having its own creativity and inspiration that can't be boxed or contained.

A new paradigm of living, creating and embodying abundance that can't be taught by any human being but only experienced.

When I activated my own unique codexes of abundance, rivers of prosperity, opportunities, co-creations, wealth and excitements start entering my life.

I am more free and abundant then I have ever been in my whole life!

For the ones ready to step into Sovereignty and activate their Own Abundance Template, I am guided to facilitate a series of trance-channeling activations with the Arcturian Council of Light for the leaders in:

💎Quantum Leadership Program💎

You can learn more about this semi-private container and submit your application at the link below:


If your application is selected for an interview, I am looking forward to speaking to you directly and see if you are a match for this journey!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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