5D Leadership And Higher Dimensional Abilities

The New Earth Leaders, are not only embodying higher consciousness but accessing realities not available yet to the collective.Those realities are experienced beyond the five physical senses and filters of perception, but through a heightened receptivity, awareness and interaction with the environment.We are able to plug into the web of light and activate intuition, telepathy, psychometry, clairvoyance, precognition and many other senses as we are collecting data from the outside world.A 5D Leader knows how to navigate the quantum field and multidimensional realities with precision, clarity, focus and direction.These qualities, abilities and inner knowledge are important for the ones at the forefront of ascension, co-architecting realities.If you are here to activate your Soul Leadership and higher dimensional abilities, I invite you to read further..The Arcturian Council of Light, activated the next level of my mission, to bring together the New Earth Leadership at the round table with other Higher Councils of Light and help millions of people access the 4D bridge and 5D consciousness.I was guided to create a semi-private container for 10 Leaders only as they will step into the grid of:Quantum LeadershipA New Earth Paradigm for the Mission SoulsThis program is for the ones whose missions are active and offering their services to the world already but deeply called to serve at global level and be part of a unique and powerful group of co-creators, influencers, quantum leaders ready to make a multidimensional impact.For the ones, ready to embody advanced codexes of light and navigate rapid change, as we will move timelines very fast.For the ones, ready to meet and co-create with advanced civilizations from the higher dimensions of existence 7D-12D and receive teachings will be then grounded on the 4D bridge rippling into all 3D realms, changing the fabric of reality.If you feel deeply called by the frequency of this program, you can find more info about it at the link below, where you can submit your application and book a chat directly with me.https://liviadevi.com/quantum-leadership/Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Many Blessings,

Livia Devi

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