Multidimensional Leaders

There are many souls on this planet, that built empires of light, uplifting humanity through their service that don’t believe they can take their missions further.And this is because some expanded the grid of their mission on the horizontal plane of parallel timelines, focusing on holding immense grids that don’t allow them to accelerate their evolution.While others with smaller grids are accelerating their evolution on the vertical plane of ascension but not able to access expansion.Both of these scenarios are creating limitations for powerful leaders here to transcend the thresholds of dimensional existence and co-create the New Earth.The question is : How can we balance the evolution and expansion and bring everything in our reality to the next level?And the golden answer is: by learning to navigate our Multidimensionality.If you want to learn more, I would like to gift you a powerful transmission and activation I was guided to share two weeks ago called:Leading from the FutureA Multidimensional Activation for New Earth LeadershipOn over 2 hours, I shared powerful teachings and codexes of light about:- A New Paradigm of Leadership: Values and Ethics in a New Emerging Culture- Moving from Traditional to Quantum Leadership and the importance between unidimensional to multidimensional access for Leaders- How to shift your point of focus on the full spectrum of reality, as embodied leaders- A New Earth Leadership Activation by the Arcturian Council of of Light will place you on an inter-dimensional grid and connect you to 5D New Earth realities- A Quantum Activation of the Highest Timeline of your Mission and meeting your Future Self through the Stargate of your Heart Consciousness by the Sirius Council of Light- Embodied Leadership focused answers on the following questions:Why integration is important?How to always stay in the flow of your desired timeline?Are you ready to embody the New Earth Leadership CodexIf you want to access this free powerful transmission comment below with ” MULTIDIMENSIONALITY and I will PM you the link.If after watching the transmission you are called to ????Quantum Leadership ????program, you can submit your application at the link below:

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Livia Devi

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