My First Solo Trip To India…

In 2017 I took my first solo trip to India, one year after I awakened from the matrix.The second day I arrived in Rishikesh I gave away all my designer clothes I had with me, worth at least 40k$ to a poor Indian family in need for clothes.They didn’t know the value of those textiles, but they were happy they are receiving something they need and also they were very excited seeing for the first time in their life’s European clothes.I was fighting and rebelling against my inner 3D matrix systems, being in a deep process of deconstruction, deprograming, dissolving all my identities, attachments, beliefs.The journey in India was profound but at the end of it, I realized I can’t travel back in white clothes and slippers, taking another identity.. this time of an enlightened teacher not after I did so much inner work.So I ended up buying an outfit from the airport and travelling back to Europe.When I remember that moment in time, I laugh because we don’t need to go extreme to remember who we are.We don’t need to strip ourselves to the core even of our birthrights in the journey of ascension, evolution and expansion.You are not more wise or enlightened if you meditate in the jungle naked compared with another person meditating in the jungle naked but wearing a Rolex.We are all the same, only our choices are different.5D consciousness is inclusive, accepting, allowing, inspiring and abundant.Allow yourself to Have it Alland

Receive Effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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