How To Create Boundaries In Business

I want to tell you a story I never shared before…This time last year, I was living on the jewel of hawaiian islands, Kauai and I’ve got very sick. I was so sick that I ended up at emergency 4 times and the doctors didn’t know what I have as all tests came back normal.I coudn’t breath, eat, walk and I felt I will die as my life force energy completely left my body. I took a month off work, froze all my programs and start living one day at the time with Spirit’s help and Earth Angels taking care of me.I’ve made a commitment I am not going to die and gradually and miraculously my health restored.In January 2022, I returned to my Mission and Divine Service and I ” opened a door to one of my programs”. What does that mean? It means, while my students were informed of my health issue when I came back I asked them simply and directly : ” Who wants to stay and continue the program and who wants to leave?” To my surprise, some people left and with them 180k$ US dollars.Any other business owner would say: ” What??? Why did you do that? It doesn’t make any sense!” And 99% of the all business owners( no matter 3D, 4D, 5D or any other D’s) would not thow off the window 180k$. You see, the people that left were refusing to breakthrough and reached the edges of their multiverses. They coudn’t take in anymore the codes, frequencies and teachings and surrender to a total dissolution of the old to embrace the new.In the same time, my health crisis generated a massive quantum shift in consciousness for me which placed me in a higher frequency reality. The majority of my students made the energetic leap with me and some that left returned. But the transformation my students were entrained into, coudn’t be made in baby steps anymore but a total surrender was required. Its interesting to observe, if a human is offered the posibility to go back to the old self and comfort zone he/she would immediately choose that route instead of stripping off the layers of conditioning and transform into becoming the multiple perspectives of Source energy embodied in physical form. What I learnt from that experience was how to incorporate a 3D component into my 5D business when it comes to financial commitment. No matter if a student is completing or not the journey, the program fee is going to be honoured. Creating healthy boundaries in business as in any other relationships are needed for experiencing a high level of commitment, responsability, engagement and reciprocity.As expected, by letting go and not being attached, fully trusting the guidance & intuition made space for even more abundance to enter my life.But this makes the topic of another story ????

Receive effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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