How To Let Go Of Everything Doesn’t Serve You

How To Let Go Of Everything Doesn’t Serve You

I have recently completed a 10 years cycle of karma/dharma interplay.

At the end of it, I start to review all my current connections I have with friends, past partners that turned into friends, business partners…etc.

I realized half of these connections, were keeping me energetically stuck in timelines and realities were impeding my expansion and evolution.

I realized how I always compromised, creating bridges of relating between me and others only to keep the connection going.

How I directed so much of my focus and energy to nurture and sustain shared realities, that were not meant to be shared anyway.

How I elevated other people’s realities and timelines only to be met where I am.

Since I arrived in Kauai, this old cycle start closing and realities collapsing one by one.

This magical island is the womb of the planet, the place where Souls are entering and leaving Earth and she is well known for her capacity to trial and select people, who stay and who go.

I witnessed how my business partner, couldn’t integrate 5D frequencies and harmonize within and without and Kauai invited her out.

I witnessed how other friendships I was investing energy that was not reciprocated, ceased to immediately exist.

I experienced profound moments of merging with this island and quantum jumping through her portals to an extend I never lived before.

I am so grateful I fully surrendered and let go of everything that was not meant to be part of the next chapter of my journey.

How To Let Go Of Everything Doesn't Serve You

How To Let Go Of Everything Doesn’t Serve You

How To Let Go Of Everything Doesn’t Serve You


by fully trusting your guidance

by surrendering all layers of control

by deeply listening to your Heart and Soul

by forgiving yourself and others for the interplay of karma and dharma part of the soul contract that sometimes extends to multiple incarnations

by focusing on self-love, self-care, self-actualization, and self-realization

by making yourself the center of your multiverses not in a selfish but in a soulful way

by opening your eyes and seeing reality for what is

by accepting change and allowing new energies to emerge and bless your existence.

As we are transitioning from 4D to 5D, many Souls are choosing again in what density they will reside and continue their service in this next cycle.

Write a brand new book with new experiences, new people, new events and situations, new adventures.

Sending you All so much Love


Receive effortlessly,Livia Devi ????

How To Let Go Of Everything Doesn’t Serve You

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