Soul Mission Grid

Calling in the pure souls who are here to not only understand their Soul Mission, but access the deeper layers of it.

The first layer you access when you join Evolving Consciousness is your SOUL MISSION.

This is where you get an understanding of what your soul purpose is. You gain peace and perspective around knowing what you’re here to do. And from this, there are actions you will take to really start living and experiencing the first stages of your soul mission.

But this is just the FIRST step, because Evolving Consciousness takes you SO MUCH DEEPER than that.

The next step, which holds your greatest expansion and acceleration, is connecting you to your Soul Mission GRID. And this goes layers DEEPER than just accessing your soul mission.

Evolving Consciousness is:- Teaching you how to access your Soul Mission Grid- Helping you to integrate all the layers of your Soul Mission Grid- Allowing you to understand and EXPAND your Soul Mission Grid from a human AND Quantum perspective and- Showing you how to navigate your Soul Mission Grid so you know what actions to take- Guiding you on how to call in the necessary codes, teachings, and trainings to support you in your own expansion and with growing your Grid

And then because your Soul Mission is designed to grow, adapt, expand, and evolve; Evolving Consciousness will teach you how to be flexible and fluid with your ever-expanding grid.

No one who has completed the Evolving Consciousness container has ever been able to go back to who they were.

Through a process of surrendering they have had experiences and transformations that have changed their lives forever.

Please join me in hearing some of their stories… And if you feel this inner calling to go beyond your soul mission and activate and expand your Soul Mission GRID, please book in for discovery call here:

Receive Effortlessly,

Livia Devi

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