How To Close The Gap Between Your Reality And Your Desired Reality

As you probably know, we are always moving through parallel timelines, so accessing a preferred reality should be a very easy task considering our quantum and multidimensional nature.But humans, have a hard time with the most simple things because we are following the predefined patterns & cycles of the mind and its linear nature.Here are some steps to close the gap between two realities, your now and your future- now:1. Release your subconscious resistance towards your desired reality.If you are not there yet, is because you don’t want it. Even if consciously you are saying loud and clear that you want that reality, the Universe will always respond to your beliefs and subconscious programming.2. Take inspired actions even if they ” don’t make logical sense to your current circumstances”.Sometimes illogical means reality glitch, pattern interruption, piercing through the illusion and seeing beyond your current circumstances.What doesn’t make sense now, will make sense later. Don’t be afraid to leap into the unknown.3. Once you released the resistance and took inspired actions, by following the flow of the Universe in full trust and surrender, now is when the frequency of your desired reality will start entering your life.When you are receiving the full stream of it, become it. Let that energy flow in your body, through all cells of your being, and code you, transform you, and change you.You will need to fully merge with the energy of your desired reality, becoming one with it before you live it in physical form.If you want to learn more and integrate this quantum tool into your daily life, I would like to gift you a 3 hours coded transmission that will help you deprogram your subconscious mind and release the resistance.This transmission is called “5D Soul Mission and Abundance Activation” and contains 3 powerful Activations and 3 amazing Star Civilizations, that will shift you instantly.Here’s the link:

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